Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Longest and Best 4th of July ever!

Well, yesterday we had a very long and adventurous fourth of July. First we headed down to Balboa Island, where our neighbors' parents have a home right on the waterfront. Emily got to play on the beach and in the water with her friends Macy and Reese. She had fun getting buried in the sand and getting nice and dirty. Then, we all went out on their Duffy boat and Emily also got to help drive the boat. It was very difficult (emotionally for Emily a.k.a. meltdown) to leave our fun outing at the beach, but we had to do it so that we could head down to Ladera Ranch for nighttime fun. So we finally made it down south for a BBQ and then to watch fireworks with Mike, Aqua, Mia, & Mr. Luke. It was a great day full of celebrating!

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