Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Emi Hits the Orange County Fair

Well, finally something to "blog" about. Emi and I bravely headed out to the O.C. Fair on a hot July day. It was wristband day, so for only $20.00, she could ride all the rides she could handle. She went on the pirate ship, the jeeps, the dragon kiddy roller coaster, the Survival maze, the train, and the water bumper boats. We met up with Emi's friend Taylor. It was a fun time. Emi seems to have a slight obsession/fascination with the fair, so she already went once this summer with Grandma Laraneta, but that time we only ate lots of junk and looked at animals. This was the time for riding rides. Next stop...Arizona State Fair this fall with Grandma and Grandpa Baron!

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