Friday, August 1, 2008

She's Moving on Up!

Today was Emily's last day as a "Blue Allie"! On Monday, she will officially be moved up with her friend Rachel, to the Purple Caterpillar class. I didn't expect to cry because the way that her school is set up, it goes all year round, so it seemed like it would be an easy transition. Especially because in the mornings when she gets there early, all of the kids are in one room, which is the Blue Allie room, until the teachers all get there and start taking their own classes. When I walked in, we put her things away and I started to talk to Ms. Alma and Miss Krysti, 2 of her 3 teachers, except that I got this HUGE lump in my throat and my eyes welled up with tears. Then I think I made Ms. Alma get a little teary. They finally talked me through it and got my mind off it, but then had to tell me that Emily's portfolio was on the counter for me to take. They basically advised me NOT to open it any time soon since it would probably make me start crying again (it did). I know it's not goodbye because I will see them all, all of the time (especially because Miss Krysti has come over to babysit Emi). Of course, when I went to pick up Emily, the eyes welled up again because when I walked in to get her things out of her cubby and her paper slot, THEY DIDN"T EXIST ANYMORE! Her name had been removed and her picture had also been removed and put in her backpack. It was very sad. And it's only preschool! Oh well, we said goodbye to Ms. Emanuela (the third teacher) and said that we'd see them all on Monday, because we will. It was a happy-sad!

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