Sunday, June 1, 2008

Her 1st recital's coming up soon!

Well, there's just so much going on around here lately, that I figured it would be easier if I "got with the times" and finally started blogging! That way people could keep up with me (and Emi and Andy) when they haven't talked to me.
Yesterday I had to get Emi all dressed up in her first official recital costume so that she could take professional pictures in it with her dance class. Of course I had to locate some new PINK ballet shoes and pink tights the day before, of course at the last minute! We finally found some at her old dance studio and thanks to my dear friend, Paula, we were all set for our photos! The only "challenge" was having to put Emi's hair in a bun with no bangs. She really didn't want to cooperate, but once she saw her other friends with their hair like that, it was much easier for me.
I was excited for her photos but after they did their actual dance that they'll be performing, I was kind of disappointed at how short it was! It couldn't have been more than 1 minute. How do you ask people to travel on a Saturday night, to the WORST part of Santa Ana, to come and watch a dance performance that will be over before they even get their bottoms in the seats? Yes, the dance studio is having the recital at Santa Ana High School. I'm not pleased! When I say "worst part" I mean like unsafe! Well, I'm sure my big strong husband will be there protecting us with his array of pepper sprays and pocket knives! But still! You'd think for all the money we pay for tuition and the costume, they could find a decent venue to hold the recital!
Oh well, either way, it will be adorable! Besides, she's only 3!

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jennyalice said...

could she be any cuter? Don't forget to save anything you aren't selling on eBay for my little dancer :)