Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mommy was feeling "sick" today!

Well, it wasn't the kind of "sick" like ill, it was more like the I'm-so-burned-out-on-my-job kind of "sick"! Emi and I decided to head out to the Happiest Place on Earth with Auntie Aqua, Cousin Mia, and Cousin Luke (a.k.a. Mr. Luke). LOTS OF TEENAGE KIDS THERE TODAY ON SCHOOL FIELD TRIPS! We did have some great photo opps though with some of their favorite characters. I don't get how people think that just because they are sitting in a double stroller in the same dress, that they might be twins? One is petite and shorter, one is taller and "buff", one has brown eyes and straight hair, one has blue eyes and a curly mop! I guess it's kind of like those times when you would go out with your friends to a bar and drunk people would ask if you and your friend were twins because you both had a black shirt on! A little sun, a lotta food with no nutritional value, and a whole lot of "touch your nose if you're listening"! (it's a long story, but that's Aqua's infamous discipline line and it actually works with Emily). All in all, a fun day!

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aqua said...

Mia and Emi COULD be twins. One twin is usually bigger right? Emi just took all the nutrients and growth hormone from Mia. lol... or the other big comment was that Emi must be a year older than Mia. This can come in handy for Em in the future when Mia really is older and Emi wants to be up to no good with her "big" cousin. Hopefully Luke will be still tagging along and tattling on the pair! (not being up to no good too!) I wonder if when they are big if Mia will still be calling Luke "puppy"?