Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our 1st summer outing

Well, today Emi and Mommy went to meet Auntie Aqua, Cousin Mia, and "Mr. Luke" at the free family film festival. (a.k.a. the free kid movies that everyone brings babies to and where it is really noisy). We saw "Clifford's Big Movie". Afterwards, we walked around the Irvine Spectrum, ate lunch, and then rode the little train two times. It's was really fun, when the two cousins WEREN'T fighting with each other or whining. Yes, they were both very sensitive today and were feeding off of each other! Of course, Mr. Luke just sat there and smiled or let us carry him around. He really never gets upset and definitely doesn't fight with the girls. It was very challenging and we had TWO mommies there. I can't imagine being one mommy with 3 kids like that! I admire those women.

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